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Conventional Prepreg

Tenax™ ThermoSet Conventional Prepregs are epoxy-based and can be reinforced with a wide range of materials, including Teijin’s high-performance Tenax™ Carbon Fiber. Tenax™ ThermoSet Prepregs are ideal for aerospace, wind energy, rail and industrial applications where requirements range from moderate to very high performance. Our epoxy resins are available in chemistries ranging from balanced to highly toughened, while Renegade™ offers cyanate ester, epoxy prepregs and syntactics uniquely designed to meet the electrical requirements of radome and satellite applications.

The benefits of Tenax™ ThermoSet Conventional Prepreg

  • High-performance mechanical properties
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Typical prepreg shelf life properties
  • Tailored handling properties to fit your needs
  • Material widths up to 1.5 m (60")
  • Compliant with REACH requirements
Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
Q-11N 130°C General use Sports, leisure, industry
Tenax™ PW Q-135 150–180°C Heat resistance, self-adhesive, impact resistance Sports, leisure, industry
Q-11H 130°C Torsion resistance, impact resistance Sports, leisure
Q-195 90°C Low-temperature cure Automotive, industry, tooling

Aerospace prepregs

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
Q-118 130°C General use, low out-gasing Satellites
Q-132 130°C Heat-resistant Engine covers
Q-133 180°C High CAI Helicopter rotor blades
Q-144 120°C Self-adhesive Sandwich structure for aircraft and satellites
Q-138A 180°C High-performance Aerospace structures
Q-160 180°C Highly toughened High-loaded aircraft structures
RM-2002 180°C General use, low dielectric properties Aerospace, radomes
RM-2005 180°C High-performance Aerospace-primary structures
RM-2008 130°C General use, low dielectric properties Aerospace, radomes
RM-2014-LDk-TK 150°C Low dielectric, epoxy with equal properties as cyanate ester Cost-effective solution to replace cyanate esters for radomes

Product Data Sheet

Download Product Data Sheet . Q11N series


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