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Tenax™ ThermoSet Towpregs are designed for industrial and aerospace applications. This fiber-matrix combination increases the composite material performance, improves the material throughput, and reduces nonproductive machine time. Tenax™ ThermoSet Towpregs are based on Tenax™ Carbon Fibers and an optimized epoxy resin system. When a filament yarn is pre-impregnated with a thermoset matrix, it can be further processed without any additional intermediate steps. Tenax™ ThermoSet Towpregs are suitable for winding and taping as well as for local reinforcement in prepreg components. The thermogravimetric (Tg) ranges from 120°C to 170°C, depending on the system.

The benefits of Tenax™ ThermoSet Towpreg

  • High-speed processing
  • Controlled width and resin content
  • Long shelf life (one month at room temperature)
  • Fully REACH compliant


Tenax™ ThermoSet Towpreg is only available in Europe.

Product Data Sheet

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