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LCM Resin System

Resin systems for liquid composite molding

Teijin’s high performance resin series for aerospace applications are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of processes using dry-fiber reinforcements, including VARTM, RTM, and HP-RTM.

Understanding the diverse needs and applications of our clients, we provide a range of resin solutions. These are developed in conjunction with our Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements to meet the requirements in terms of mechanical performance, manufacturing processes, part geometry, and production rates.

Our resins range from isothermal rapid cure 15 minute systems, to long work life resins having a very low viscosity for expended periods at elevated infusion temperatures. These resins showcase exceptional flow properties, making them the ideal choice for everything from intricate, large-scale composite structures to small, high-tolerance RTM parts.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capability and material performance and work with you to select a resin which meets the needs for your project.

The benefits of LCM matrix systems

  • Rapid cure epoxy matrix systems formulated for high-rate production

  • Delayed cure initiation for production of large-scale structural components

  • High-temperature matrix systems with superior hot-wet performance for aerospace applications

1 Development product

BMI systems

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
RM-3000 190°C Consistent flow for RTM processing Net-shape molded components
RM-3010 225°C Low viscosity, long pot life Vacuum or film infusion

Polyimide systems

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
RTM-1100 370°C Service temperature up to 340°C Aircraft engine parts

Product Data Sheet

Download Product Data Sheet . RM-3000 . BMI RTM Resin

Typical applications

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