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Sporting Goods


Tenax™ carbon fiber takes sports to the next level

Tenax™ carbon fiber is a high-performance material ideally suited to a wide range of sports equipment. Golf, tennis, cycling, fishing, motorsport, and skiing are just some of the sports that have been advanced by the introduction of carbon fiber materials.

Tenax™ carbon fiber is a game-changer for sports equipment

Lightweight, strong, and durable, carbon fiber also provides more freedom for designers and the opportunity to create highly specific and individualized applications. The feel, shape, and movement of a piece of sporting equipment are crucial to its performance, with carbon fiber enabling tennis players to hit the ball harder, golfers to swing better, cyclists to ride faster, and skiers to have more control. 

Carbon fiber in sporting goods

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Carbon fiber is finding ever more applications in the sporting goods industry. We now see carbon fiber used in many kinds of racquets, skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, fishing poles, golf clubs, bicycles, surfboards, kites, shoes, and other sporting products.

Sustainable carbon fiber in sporting goods

Teijin is innovating in carbon fiber not only with the focus on the future of the sports equipment industry, but also on the future of the planet. Recyclable carbon fiber enables more sporting goods to be recycled in the future, reducing waste.

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Aerospace has always been an industry of technological revolution. Today, with the development of transport vehicles for space travel and the next generation of supersonic aircraft in development, the industry continues to drive innovation to new heights. (geklaut, umformulieren!!!)

In the aerospace sector lightweight is key and the global demand for thermoplastic materials is rising. These materials could take a leading role to sharply reduce the lifetime fuel consumption of an aircraft, to extend its flight range, to significantly reduce emissions and to prepare for recycling cycles of the future.

Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRTP) are often named in one breath with benefits like strength-to-weight ratio, durability, impact behaviour, series capabilities, sustainability and to lower the total cost of critical structures. Additionally to this unique performance the materials also deliver proven resistance to extreme conditions and environments.


Tenax™ Filament Yarn

The strength-to-weight ratio and tensile properties of Tenax™ Filament Yarn have helped improve a wide range of sports equipment, including golf sticks, snowboards, and skis. The equipment also lasts longer, as carbon fiber is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and natural elements.

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Tenax™ Short Fibers

Tenax™ Short Fibers improve the fatigue strength and chemical resistance of the composite materials used in bike parts, bike frames, and safety helmets. Short fibres enable sports equipment to be thinner and lighter, without losing any strength. Milled carbon fibers can be used as powders for 3D printing, for saddles, helmets and other sports equipment.

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Tenax™ ThermoPlastics

Tenax™ ThermoPlastics can be used in variety of sports equipment due to its processing versatility. It can processed through compression molding, tape laying, fabric weaving, and fabric braiding, and has proven especially useful in cycling, to make lighter and stronger bicycle frames and parts.

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Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements

Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements as non-crimp fabrics enable seven layers to be crimped in one production run. This makes them especially suited to high performance and lightweight snowboards and skis, as the dry reinforced weave process results in a lower aerial weight of the fabric.

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Tenax™ Thermosets

Tenax™ Thermosets offer great advantages in terms of weight over traditional materials like steel and aluminum, without compromising on strength. They can be used in many different fabrication techniques for a wide range of sports equipment, due to their short curing time and high strength properties.

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Golf Carbon shafts

Shafts made from Tenax™ Carbon Fiber are lighter than metal but lose nothing in terms of stiffness and strength. With more weight at the bottom of the club, the swing speed becomes higher while carbon's damping properties absorb vibrations. Carbon golf shafts are used by the majority of professional and amateur players. Tenax™ ThermoSet Prepregs deliver high impact strength for golf shafts with a smooth, premium finish.

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Snowboards, skis and cross-country skis

Winter sports equipment, such as snowboards, downhill skis, and cross-country skis, made from Tenax™ Carbon Fiber are lighter, more rigid, and have better vibration damping properties. Carbon fiber can also be used in bindings to improve mechanical properties and allow lighter, thinner product designs. Tenax™ ThermoSet Prepregs give snowboards and skis the flexibility they need while saving significant amounts of weight.

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Carbon fiber has revolutionised cycling, with nearly all parts available in a lightweight and rigid carbon version, including the frame, fork, handlebar, saddle, seat post, rims, spokes, crank, and drive belts. Tenax™ Carbon Fiber used in brake levers and drive groupsets help to reduce weight while having tbetter mechanical properties than metals. Tenax™ ThermoSet Prepregs deliver high strength and light weight for everything from children's tricycles to elite racing bikes. 


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Hand workshop tools

Tenax™ Carbon Fiber can be used for a wide range of hand tools and workshop tools, including clectric drills, jigsaws, and grinders, while carbon fiber short and milled fibers are found in components and parts, such as gear wheels, housings, and switches.

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