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High Temperature Prepreg

Renegade™ ThermoSet High Temperature Prepregs are designed to withstand the most demanding high-temperature aerospace applications. They are widely used in the space industry and for commercial and defense aviation. The broad range of resin formulations includes cyanate esters, bismaleimides (BMI) and polyimides, while resin systems are available for use on fabrics and fibers, including carbon, quartz and S2 glass.

The benefits of Renegade™ High Temperature Prepreg

  • High-temperature performance up to 345°C, with peaks up to 400°C
  • Superior hot/wet performance for airframe and propulsion applications
  • Excellent damage tolerance at high temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Non-ITAR

Bismaleimide prepregs (BMI)

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
Q-3051 180°C Heat-resistant, high CAI Aircraft structures
RM-3002 190°C Superior H/W performance Aircraft engine parts
RM-3002-CF 190°C Controlled-flow high performance Press-molded aerospace hardware
RM-3004 190°C OOA processing Aircraft parts and high-temperature molds

1 Development product

Polyimide prepregs (PI)

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
RM-1100 350°C Up to 345°C service temperature Aircraft engine parts, replace titanium in hot areas
MVK-14M 300°C NCAMP database Aircraft engine parts

Cyanate ester prepregs (CE)

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
RM-5003 180°C Low dielectric Radome

Fire protection prepregs 

RM-6001 FireWalker is a pre-ceramic prepreg intended for use as a fire/flame protection layer. It is applied to a pre-cured BMI composite substrate/part, by co-curing or secondary bonding with RM-3011 BMI Film Adhesive.

Product code Cure temperature Characteristics Applications
RM-6001 FireWalker 200°C Tg>400°C Aircraft engine parts, protection layer for laminates during fire events

Product Data Sheet

Download Product Data Sheet . RM-1100 . Polyimide Prepreg System

Contact us Futher Data Sheets and Saftey Sheet on request

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