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Short Fibers


Tenax™ Short Fibers are carbon fibers with excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Carbon fibers provide extremely high strength and stiffness with low weight, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and higher heat distortion.

Tenax™ Short Fibers are a high-tech product, significantly enhancing properties in thermoset and thermoplastic applications. Tenax™ Short Carbon Fibers are an ideal solution, thanks to their easy-to-handle bundle sizes and modifications that allow for use in high-temperature thermoplastics. Tenax™ Short Fibers come as Tenax™ Chopped Fibers (C-Series and P-Series) or Tenax™ Milled Fibers. They are available in a variety of sizes, for thermosets and thermoplastic resins or for water-based processes.

Chopped fibers (C-Series)

Tenax™ C-Series Chopped Fibers are typically 6 mm (¼") in length in pillared-shaped form and are suitable for low- and high-temperature thermoplastic compounding processes as well as batch pre-blends. They are also excellent for making plastics or other non-conductive materials electrically conductive, such as adhesives, resin systems, coatings and specialty paper. Final applications can be gas diffusion layer in fuel cells, as cement or concrete reinforcement, in electromagnetic shielding, or in other applications where enhanced chemical resistance is required. C-Series chopped fiber grades for use with thermoset resins are designed to readily disperse into thermosetting systems under low shear mixing conditions – like when used in adhesives, flooring, dry mixtures, etc. Water-dispersible grades are available in lengths ranging from 3 mm (⅛") to 25 mm (1"). They are designed for use in any water-based slurry application, such as for paper or fleece.

Chopped fibers (P-Series)

Tenax™ P-Series Chopped Fibers are manufactured from fibers cut in 3 mm length being supplied in rice-shaped form. They are particularly suitable for automatic feeding operations such as volumetric, gravimetric, vibrating tray and screw feeding in thermoplastic compounding operations. Several types of carbon fiber as raw material are available, ranging from standard modulus type to intermediate modulus type for applications where a higher tensile modulus and tensile strength is requested. From sizings suitable for high-temperature thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEI, and PPS to sizings designed for polyolefin, various sizings are available.

Milled fibers

Tenax™ Milled Fibers are high-quality carbon fiber powders. The aspect ratio of individual fibers is sufficient to provide both mechanical reinforcement and electrical conductivity to polymer compounds. Components reinforced with milled carbon fibers are dimensionally stable, distortion-free, and have good wear resistance. Typical applications include parts produced with additive manufacturing, computer components, sealing, conductive flooring, and parts for electronic devices, paints and surface coatings.

Tenax™ Milled Fibers can be processed in a variety of ways, e.g., compounded for injection molding or dry-mixed with powdered resins and used as a raw material for extrusion molding and additive manufacturing.

Tenax™ short fibers for carbon fiber applications

Tenax™ Short Fibers greatly enhance the properties in thermoset and thermoplastic applications, and are available in three forms: Tenax™ Chopped Fibers (C-series, P-series) and Tenax™ Milled Fibers. Tenax™ Short Fibers come in a range of sizes for thermosets, thermoplastic resins, and water-based processes.

Product Data Sheet

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