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Renewable Energies


Tenax™ carbon fiber for wind and solar power

Green energy is becoming an increasingly important part of the world’s energy supply. The growing demand for wind power means the parts and components that generate and store it need to be efficient, high performance, and high quality. Larger rotor blades can be manufactured with Tenax™ carbon fiber, enabling more energy-generating capacity for each wind turbine. The material is also used for parts of the flywheel in composite rotors, which store more energy than aluminum or steel rotors. For solar power, solar panel frames and supporting plates can be made from lightweight carbon fiber materials.

Tenax™ carbon fiber for gas tanks and vessels

Carbon fiber is used to make the compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks that feature in cars and trucks that run on natural gas, and is also used for hydrogen tanks installed on fuel-cell battery cars. For larger applications, Tenax™ carbon fiber is a key material for the gas tanks that safely and securely transport natural gas. 

Carbon fiber applications in renewable energy

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Carbon fiber’s strength, durability, low weight, thermal properties, and conductivity make it an important material for technologies in the renewable energy industry. Tenax™ Carbon Fiber is used for wind, solar, and natural gas applications, and will continue to play a leading role in the energy of the future, finding uses in fuel cells, batteries, panels, flywheels and rotors.

Sustainable carbon fiber is an integral component for green energy

Teijin is innovating in carbon fiber not only with the focus on the green energy future, but also on the sustainability of the planet. Using carbon fiber in turbines and gas tanks provides a viable alternative to previous methods and materials used in renewable energy while ensuring products and parts can be more readily recycled in the future.

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Aerospace has always been an industry of technological revolution. Today, with the development of transport vehicles for space travel and the next generation of supersonic aircraft in development, the industry continues to drive innovation to new heights. (geklaut, umformulieren!!!)

In the aerospace sector lightweight is key and the global demand for thermoplastic materials is rising. These materials could take a leading role to sharply reduce the lifetime fuel consumption of an aircraft, to extend its flight range, to significantly reduce emissions and to prepare for recycling cycles of the future.

Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRTP) are often named in one breath with benefits like strength-to-weight ratio, durability, impact behaviour, series capabilities, sustainability and to lower the total cost of critical structures. Additionally to this unique performance the materials also deliver proven resistance to extreme conditions and environments.


Tenax™ Filament Yarn

With high tensile strength and modulus, Tenax™ Filament Yarn is ideally suited to the renewable energy industry, as a lightweight material resistant to natural forces. Filament winding provides excellent reinforcement for pressure vessels, while the yarn's high conductivity enables power cables to carry high loads of electricity over long distances.

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Tenax™ Short Fibers

Tenax™ Short Fibers enable high conductivity over different types of compounds, with excellent corrosion resistance. As a water-soluble sizing, the short fibers make an ideal raw material for the production of gas diffusion layers in fuel cells, while they can also be used for parts in wind turbines, such as couplings and drive shafts.

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Tenax™ ThermoPlastics

Tenax™ ThermoPlastics can be used as pressure vessel reinforcements, including for fuel cells. They are available with tailored sizing and offer the possibility for room temperature storage and easy transportation.

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Tenax™ ThermoSets

Tenax™ ThermoSets are suitable for a range of applications in the renewable energy industry. They can be impregnated with high temperature thermoset resins and tailor-made according to the process needs. Thermoset towpregs are used for filament winding applications in high pressure storage tanks, while thermoset prepegs improve the properties of the composite materials used in wind turbine blades.

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Pyromex™ offers high conductivity and has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for use as the membrane of the gas diffusion layer found in fuel cells. Making this layer from Pyromex™ has revolutionised the method of diffusing hydrogen gas from anode to cathode in the fuel cell to produce electricity.

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Type-4 cylinders

Tenax™ Carbon Fiber is used for manufacturing safe, efficient and durable pressure vessels for compressed natural gas and hydrogen. These tanks are used in commercial and passenger vehicles, deployed for bulk hauling or storage, and used on hydrogen-powered trains and boats.

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Tenax™ Carbon Fiber is used for manufacturing safe, efficient and durable pressure vessels for compressed natural gas and hydrogen. These tanks are used in commercial and passenger vehicles, deployed for bulk hauling or storage, and used on hydrogen-powered trains and boats.

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Fuel Cell

Fuel cells are necessary to produce and store electrical energy gained from hydrogen. The gas diffusion layer is the base material used in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell unit, with this layer made from Tenax™ carbon fiber, as carbon fiber paper or Pyromex™ oxidized PAN fibers.

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Tenax™ Carbon Fiber non-crimp fabrics and pultruded carbon laminates are used in the production of blades for wind turbines, resulting in lightweight, highly robust blades with optimal performance. Carbon fiber is especially suited for long blades and for blades requiring a high resistance to strong winds, such as at offshore wind park applications.

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Couplings and drive shafts

Carbon fiber reinforced couplings and drive shafts (between the rotor and the gearbox) protect the drivetrain by reducing the bearing loads and vibrations. The products are lightweight, durable and strong, making them ideal for nacelle applications.

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