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Tenax™ carbon fiber solutions for the medical industry

Tenax™ carbon fiber is a key component in many medical devices and products. It provides higher comfort for patients and simplifies the work of doctors, following the Teijin motto of “Human Chemistry, Human Solutions.”

Tenax™ carbon fiber for medical facilities

The high strength and light weight of Tenax™ carbon fiber makes it ideal for use in prostheses, wheelchairs, mobile ramps, and beds, while its X-ray permeability and non-magnetic properties are well suited for use in medical facilities. It also has the right properties for comprehensive cleaning and sterilizing, making it a mainstay in hospitals and operating rooms.

Carbon fiber applications in the medical industry

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Tenax™ Carbon Fiber is helping the medical industry to develop a broader and more inclusive range of products. With a high resistance to chemicals, sterilizability and good optical quality, carbon fiber also helps to reduce weight and make products more durable. 

Sustainable carbon fiber for the medical industry

Teijin is innovating in carbon fiber not only with the focus on health and personal wellbeing, but also on the future of the planet. Using carbon fiber provides a viable alternative to previous methods and materials used in medical devices while ensuring products and parts can be more readily recycled in the future.

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Aerospace has always been an industry of technological revolution. Today, with the development of transport vehicles for space travel and the next generation of supersonic aircraft in development, the industry continues to drive innovation to new heights. (geklaut, umformulieren!!!)

In the aerospace sector lightweight is key and the global demand for thermoplastic materials is rising. These materials could take a leading role to sharply reduce the lifetime fuel consumption of an aircraft, to extend its flight range, to significantly reduce emissions and to prepare for recycling cycles of the future.

Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRTP) are often named in one breath with benefits like strength-to-weight ratio, durability, impact behaviour, series capabilities, sustainability and to lower the total cost of critical structures. Additionally to this unique performance the materials also deliver proven resistance to extreme conditions and environments.


Tenax™ Filament Yarn

Tenax™ Filament Yarn is ideal for use in the medical field. The combination of excellent mechanical properties, high chemical resistance, and the versatility of the yarn enables the latest medical implants to be customized to fit the needs of the patient.

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Tenax™ Short Fibers

Tenax™ Short Fibers have high compatibility for numerous medical applications. Increased fatigue strength, low weight, radiolucency, and EMI schielding are just some of the benefits of using Tenax™ Short Fibers in the medical field.

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Tenax™ ThermoPlastics

Teijin's research and development department is committed to producing the next generation of carbon fiber materials for medical instruments and machines. Tenax™ ThermoPlastics can be used as components for MRI and X-ray machines, reducing the production time and costs while being more durable.

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Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements

Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements have smooth and even material surfaces, sutiable for scaled production and preforming. With improved toughness and high mechanical properties, Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements are highly suitable for carbon reinforced components used in the medical industry.

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Tenax™ ThermoSets

Design flexibility is the key for the success of many healthcare applications. Tenax™ ThermoSets come in various forms, including unidirectional, woven, and non-woven prepregs, giving freedom of design for components in X-ray machines, surgical theater table systems, and orthopedic implants.

Used Products :

Wheel chair

Carbon fiber in wheelchairs improves comfort by making the chairs more lightweight and easier to move and lift. Carbon fiber wheelchairs are stiffer, increasing safety, stay warm to touch even in cold temperatures.

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X-ray and MRT

Carbon fiber is widely used in X-ray and MRT machines, as it is X-ray transparent and non-magnetic. Using devices and machines with carbon fiber during medical examinations and surgeries enables doctors to have unhindered views of their patients, making medical intervention safer while increasing the medical success rate. 

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Surgical instruments

As carbon fiber is X-ray transparent, the surgeon can closely monitor the position of the instruments during surgery. Carbon fiber is also chemical-resistant, making it easy to clean and sterilize.

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Orthoses / braces and protheses

Carbon fiber is ideal for orthoses, braces and protheses, making them lightweight and warm to touch. The stiffness of carbon fiber reduces vibration and provides advantages in movement, while carbon fiber's durability is an important factor when orthoses, braces and protheses are customized for specific patients. Carbon fiber is highly resistant to chemicals, making these devices easy to clean and sterilize.

Implants made from carbon fiber have high biocompatibility. They improve the load transfer into the bone due to having a similar elasticity to bone. Tenax™ Carbon Fiber implants are increasingly used in orthopaedic surgery, including spine, trauma, arthroplasty, and oncology.

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Protective masks

Protective masks made from carbon fiber are lightweight, strong and warm to touch, making them more comfortable for the patient. Carbon fiber is also chemical-resistant, making these masks easy to clean and sterilize.

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External fixators

External fixators made from carbon fiber are lightweight, strong, and comfortable for the patient. The stiffness of carbon fiber helps ensure all medical instruments are kept exactly in place without any unwanted movement, increasing the medical success rate. Carbon fiber is also highly resistant to chemicals, making these external fixators easy to clean and sterilize. The healing process of the patient can be monitored with X-ray and MRT as carbon fiber is non-magnetic and X-ray transparent.

Fixing bone fractures safely and easily with composite bars. Its X-ray transparency leads to unimpaired imaging. Good transmissivity results in high transmission of X-rays, CFRP EX-Fix systems excel here. Lightweight with high tensile strength are the advantages over aluminum, resulting in very good mechanical properties. Weight savings of up to 80% compared to steel. In addition, biocompatible resin and fiber system systems facilitate FDA approval.

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