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Company History


Teijin’s Carbon Fiber Business Unit has a long, successful history going back to 1934 and the manufacture of synthetic fibers.


Teijin, Carbon Fiber Business

2018 - 

Teijin Limited integrates carbon fiber subsidiary Toho Tenax..

2014 - 

Taiwan office opened.

2013 - 

Toho Tenax Singapore Pte. Ltd. opened.

2008 - 

Sakura line completed at Mishima plant.

2007 - 

Toho Tenax becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Teijin Limited via stock swap.

2006 - 

Change of carbon fiber brand name from Besfight to Tenax.

2005 - 

Company logo changed, and names of subsidiaries changed to Toho Tenax Europe GmbH and Toho Tenax America, Inc.

2004 - 

Acquisition of Fortafil Fibers and creation of product base in America.

2003 - 

Shanghai office opened.

2001 - 

Company name changed to Toho Tenax.

2000 - 

Teijin Ltd. becomes majority shareholder and therefore parent corporation.

1993 - 

Toho Carbon Fibers established in the U.S.

1993 - 

Tenax Fibers established in Germany.

1977 - 

Manufacture of prepreg begins.

1975 - 

Final decision to enter carbon fiber business. Sale of Besfight® begin. First mass-production line for Pyromex™ flame-resistant fiber completed at Mishima plant.

1972 - 

Carbon fiber pilot plant operation begins.

1969 - 

Research into carbon fiber begins.

1963 - 

Operations begin at Mishima plant (acrylic fiber production).

1952 - 

Ibigawa plant constructed.

1950 - 

Toho Rayon Co., Ltd. established in compliance with Japan’s Antitrust Law and Corporate Reorganization Law.

1935 - 

Tokushima plant opened, production of rayon staple begins.

1934 - 

Toho Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. established.


Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH

2018 - 

Change of company name to Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH.

2011 - 

July 2011: Toho Tenax Europe GmbH receives EN 9100 certification.

2010 - 

October 2010: Full-fledged operation of carbon fiber production line #4 in Oberbruch.

2009 - 

August 2009: Completion of line #4.

2009 - 

Toho Tenax Europe receives lab certification from Germanischer Lloyd.

2008 - 

April 23, 2008: The foundation stone is laid for production line #4.

2008 - 

April 1, 2008: Introduction of a worldwide unified nomenclature and lot number system for all filament yarns within Toho Tenax Group.

2007 - 

September 2007: Toho Tenax becomes a 100% subsidiary of Teijin Limited.

2006 - 

August 2006: Start-up of production line #3.

2006 - 

January 2006: Tenax™ becomes the worldwide unified trade name for Toho Tenax Group carbon fiber.

2005 - 

April 1, 2005: Change of company name to Toho Tenax Europe GmbH.

2004 - 

August 31, 2004: Acquisition of carbon fiber business in the United States.

2001 - 

July 2001: Toho Rayon Co., Ltd., changes its name to Teijin Carbon Co., Ltd.

2000 - 

March 1, 2000: 100% Toho Rayon (Japan).

2000 - 

February 2000: Teijin Ltd. acquires more than 50% of shares in Toho Rayon Ltd.

1999 - 

Increase of company percentage Toho Rayon (95%), Acordis (5%)


Start-up of production on line #2, Oberbruch (Germany).


Increase of company percentage Toho Rayon (80%), Akzo Nobel (20%).


Tenax Fibers is certified according to ISO 9001.


Joint venture between Toho Rayon and Akzo Nobel resulting in the foundation of Tenax Fibers GmbH & Co. KG.


Start-up of a development production line.

1987 -


First aerospace qualification for Tenax™ carbon fiber.

1986 - 


Start-up of first production line in Germany.

1983 - 


Toho Rayon (today’s Teijin Limited, Japan) licenses carbon fiber manufacturing technology to Enka AG (later Akzo Nobel AG and Acordis AG).




Teijin Carbon America, Inc.


2018 - 


Change of company name to Teijin Carbon America GmbH.

2005 - 


Toho Tenax America, Inc. is established.

2004 - 


Toho Carbon Fibers, Inc acquires Fortafil* Fibers, Inc, Rockwood, TN from Acordis, thereby securing a production base in North America.

1993 - 


Toho Rayon forms Toho Carbon Fibers, Inc to directly market carbon fiber in North America.

1992 - 


BASF exits carbon fiber business.

1985 - 


Celanese sells carbon fiber operations to BASF.

1981 - 


Carbon fiber manufacturing starts in Rock Hill, SC.

1976 - 


Toho Rayon forms technical and sales collaboration with Celanese Corporation in North America.