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Tenax™ ThermoSets provide high mechanical performance, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance in a wide range of applications. Teijin’s Tenax™ ThermoSet Prepreg Systems (conventional, rapid cure, and high temperature) are available on Tenax™ Carbon Fibers and aramid fibers, and on other standard fibers, including glass and quartz. Additionally, Teijin offers infusion resins, adhesives, fillers and resin films

Tenax™ ThermoSet Applications

Tenax™ ThermoSet Prepregs have numerous uses, from high-performance airframe materials to sporting products such as golf shafts and fishing rods. In the aerospace industry, Tenax™ ThermoSets help to reduce weight, provide impact resistance, and ensure a high level of quality throughout the lifetime of the aircraft.

Tenax™ ThermoSets

Product formats

Unidirectional prepreg (UD) Hand lay: up to 1,500 mm width
Unidirectional prepreg (UD) ATL tapes: customizable with 3, 6, 12, 24 inch standard widths
Unidirectional prepreg (UD) Slit tapes (AFP): customizable to customer request
Woven prepreg Up to 1,500 mm
Towpreg prepreg Customized width and yield
Fiber areal weight (FAW) Customized weights (10–1,500 gsm)

Processing examples

  • Autoclave cure
  • Out of autoclave (OOA) cure
  • Press molding
  • Inner pressure bag molding
  • Resin transfer molding (RTM)
  • Vacuum-assisted RTM
  • Automated tape laying (ATL)
  • Automated fiber placement (AFP)
  • Filament and tape winding