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With annual production volumes exceeding 95,000 tons, Teijin is the world’s largest producer of sheet molding compound (SMC), an advanced composite that can be formulated for use in a wide range of applications. Carbon fiber SMC is ideal for inner panel applications. It offers a 20 percent weight saving compared to aluminum, minimizes scrap, and can be made from recycled carbon fibers. In the automotive industry, lightweight SMC improves design flexibility while reducing the cost of tooling.

Tenax™ carbon fiber SMC production process

SMC is made when two or more materials with different physical or chemical properties are combined yet remain separate and distinct, as they don’t fully merge or dissolve into one another. To make SMC, carbon fiber rovings are chopped, added to a resin matrix, and then sent through a compaction process to form a sheet. Teijin Automotive has customizable SMC formulas that are flame-retardant, contain thermal runaway, meet low-VOC requirements, and can significantly reduce weight while meeting requirements for strength and durability.

Tenax™ carbon fiber SMC for reinforcing plastics

When plastics require additional strength for industrial applications, they can be reinforced with carbon fiber. This combination of plastic and carbon fiber reinforcement produces materials with outstanding strength-to-weight ratios. They are also highly versatile and suitable for numerous applications. These composites can include polymer matrix resins (such as thermoplastics or thermoset resins) and fiber reinforcements (such as glass, carbon, aramid, or other reinforcing material).

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