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UniDirectional Tape

Tenax™ ThermoPlastic UniDirectional (TPUD) is a prepreg that combines carbon fiber with a tailored sizing for thermoplastic applications and a high-temperature polymer, such as for PEEK, PPS, LM PAEK. It is available in standard widths (304.8 mm and 609.6 mm) and with slitting on demand (down to 3.175 mm). Tenax™ TPUD is offered in different fiber grades, such as HTS and IMS.

Tenax™ ThermoPlastic UniDirectional for production processes

The material can be laid by hand or placed automatically (automated tape laying or automated fiber placement). It can be consolidated in a press (static or semi-continuous) or in an oven under vacuum conditions. It enables tubular parts to be manufactured in one step using a winding process.

The benefits of Tenax™ ThermoPlastic UniDirectional

  • High-performance mechanical properties
  • Low flammability, smoke and toxicity
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Room temperature storage and shipping
  • Compliant with health, safety and environment requirements
  • Recyclable
  • Out of autoclave consolidation (press forming, vacuum bagging)
  • Short cycle time
  • Thermoformable
  • Automated processes (automated tape laying, winding for tubular parts and pressure vessels)
  • Thermoplastic joining technologies

Tenax™ ThermoPlastic UniDirectional for medical applications

Tenax™-E TPUD PEEK-HTS45 is tested as non-cytotoxic according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5. There is no expected risk for patients when this material is reprocessed in medical devices if the contact with human skin, mucosa or damaged tissues does not exceed 24 hours.

Product Data Sheet


Download Product Data Sheet . TPUD . PEEK . HTS45 . 145 gsm . RC 34% (6011)
Download Product Data Sheet . TPUD . PEEK . IMS65 . 146 gsm . RC 34% (6015)

Low-melt PAEK

Download Product Data Sheet . TPUD . PAEK . HTS45 . 145 gsm . RC 34% (610021)
Download Product Data Sheet . TPUD . PAEK . IMS65 . 145 gsm . RC 34% (610020)


Download Product Data Sheet . TPUD . PPS . HTS45 . 115 gsm . RC 40% (610003)
Download Product Data Sheet . TPUD . PPS . HTS45 . 145 gsm . RC 34% (610002)

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