Tenax™ short fibers are carbon fibers with excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.

Carbon fibers provide extremely high strength and stiffness with low weight, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and higher heat distortion.

Tenax™ short fibers are a high-tech product, significantly enhancing properties in thermoset and thermoplastic applications. Tenax™ short carbon fibers are an ideal solution, thanks to their easy-to-handle bundle sizes and modifications that allow for use in high-temperature thermoplastics.  

Tenax™ short fibers come in two forms, as Tenax™ chopped fibers or Tenax™ milled fibers. They are available in a variety of sizes, for thermosets and thermoplastic resins or for water-based processes.

Chopped Fibers

Tenax™ chopped fibers are typically 6mm (¼") in length and are suitable for low and high temperature thermoplastic injection molding processes as well as batch pre-blends. They are also excellent for making plastics or other non-conductive materials electrically conductive, such as adhesives, resin systems and specialty paper. They can also be used in fuel cells, in cement or concrete reinforcement, in electromagnetic shielding or in other applications where enhanced chemical resistance is required. Chopped fiber grades for use with thermoset resins are designed to readily disperse into thermosetting systems under low shear mixing conditions. Like when used in adhesives, flooring, dry mixtures, etc. Water dispersible grades of Tenax™ chopped fibers are available in lengths ranging from 3 mm (⅛") to 25 mm (1"). They are designed for use in any water based slurry application, such as for paper or fleece.

Milled Fibers

Tenax™ milled fibers are offered in lengths of 60 and 100 microns. The aspect ratio of individual fibers is sufficient to provide both mechanical reinforcement and electrical conductivity to polymer compounds. Components reinforced with milled carbon fibers are dimensionally stable and distortion-free. Typical applications include computer components, rapid prototyping, sealing, conductive flooring, and parts for electronic devices. Tenax™ milled fibers are used in all resins, such as powders, dry mixtures, adhesives, aqueous dispersion systems and injection molding compounds.

Typical Applications