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Field Report: Logistics

From production employee to logistics group leader

Hi, I'm Patrick Rongen and I've been working in logistics at Teijin since February 1, 2017.
I started at Teijin as a working student in production after I graduated from high school in 2013. After my training as a banker, which I completed in 2017, I rejoined Teijin as a commercial employee in logistics.

As a "career changer" in logistics, I was very well trained by the team and was thus able to process the many new impressions well.
Roughly speaking, all incoming and outgoing deliveries pass through one of the "logistics desks". It is then our job to book the incoming goods or coordinate shipments. Customs always plays a major role here as well. In our day-to-day work, we in logistics work closely with our service providers and internal departments.
It's never boring for me, because there's always something going on. So I can describe my day-to-day work as very interesting, sometimes challenging, but definitely always supportive. In a three-month online training course, for example, I further deepened my knowledge of customs and export.

After I was able to deepen my logistics expertise in various other training courses, I was trusted to take over as Group Logistics Manager in June 2021. By insourcing the logistics department from Veolia, I was given the opportunity to build my own team in a new department that did not exist to this extent at Teijin before. As a result, I now manage a team of 12 employees consisting of commercial employees as well as warehouse staff. I feel a high level of trust and can make and implement decisions independently. Of course, this helps me and all my colleagues in logistics to further optimize the existing processes.