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Field Report: IT Apprenticeship

From IT training to IT specialist for application development

From the very first day of my training, I felt welcomed into the Teijin family. That was August 29, 2018, not only because of the attentiveness of my instructors, but also because of the openness of my colleagues: no matter at what point in my training, I could always approach anyone, whether from the IT Development department or from IT Service & Infrastructure.

At the beginning, we were slowly introduced to programming, and in the first eight weeks we received a crash course in our programming language, Delphi, from various "Delphians", led by Marco CantĂș.

Already at this point I noticed that my superiors had given serious thought to building us a good base for the future. Weekly training sessions also showed that there was great interest in us. After a few weeks, our trainers came up with a system for how we trainees could best learn about our systems and especially about the company's internal software. For this reason, we were assigned to support very early on, initially just sitting next to a supporting colleague, and building on that, we soon took over the phone ourselves. During support, however, I quickly realized that not only my directly connected colleagues, but also everyone else, were very understanding and compassionate, and always remained calm even in stressful situations.

However, the Teijin family shines not only in points related to work, but also in leisure activities. Although I have only been with the company for a year, I already took part in our company run, which was held in Heinsberg for the first time last year. Also through the brilliant Christmas party, I realized how much our motley family is actually connected.

As mentioned above, my tasks include support, but also bug fixes as well as enhancements. So we trainees were very quickly given a whole new subject area for all employees in IT Development: Android development. That was a nice signal to me that my colleagues trusted me. It also showed me that an application developer can never stop learning.

Wednesdays and Thursdays were always my days at vocational school, and if I ever had to write an exam or generally had to catch up on material, every colleague helped me as much as they could with their knowledge. I also had to prepare presentations for school more often, and it wasn't always just about programming, but also about hardware or political topics. No matter what questions I had, each of my colleagues always gave their best.