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Milled Fiber

Tenax™ Milled Fibers are high-performance carbon fiber powders without any preparation. They have an aspect ratio sufficient to provide both mechanical reinforcement and electrical conductivity to polymer compounds. Components reinforced with Tenax™ Milled Fibers are dimensionally stable, distortion-free and offer good wear resistance. 

Tenax™ Milled Fibers for carbon fiber applications

Typical applications for Tenax™ Milled Fibers include parts produced with additive manufacturing, computer components, sealing, conductive flooring, electronic devices, paints and surface coatings. Tenax™ Milled Fibers can be compounded for injection molding or dry-mixed with powdered resins and used as a raw material for extrusion molding and additive manufacturing.

Milled fibers without sizing

Name Type Bulk density
Tenax™-J HT M100 40MU N/A
Tenax™-A HT M100 60MU 550 g/l
Tenax™-E HT M500 80MU 500 g/l
Tenax™-A HT M100 100MU 400 g/l
Tenax™-J HT M800 160MU 100 g/l

Life-cycle assessment of Teijin carbon fiber products

The life-cycle assessment (LCA) allows for a calculation of the total carbon emissions from a carbon fiber product. Teijin’s LCA methodology has been certified by an independent third-party organization in accordance with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. Teijin also provides customers with reliable emission data on Teijin’s carbon fiber filaments to help them evaluate their own footprints. Teijin’s LCA is useful in identifying carbon hotspots in manufacturing processes and evaluating options for emissions reduction. Teijin regularly collaborates with customers to decrease the carbon footprint of our products. 

For more specific information about the LCA for short fiber products, please contact our sales team.

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Product Data Sheet

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