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Field Report: Industrial Mechanic

David reports on his training as an industrial mechanic in maintenance:
The beginning was actually very amazing for me, because I had already worked here as a student trainee for a few years before and still didn't know everything about the company or production. I spend most of my time in the AQUS training workshop and was able to make new friends there right away. 

My last task there was to mill a box out of wood for our angles in the workshop, each with three other trainees from other companies.
I attend the vocational school in Erkelenz. In my class we are a total of 23 students. Because of my previous knowledge at the university, the vocational school was quite easy for me. I gave give private lessons to my classmates and the parallel class on weekends (payment was 1 can of energy drink per student).

Overall, I can only talk about a positive and successful start to my apprenticeship, I have great work colleagues and an educational work environment.