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Field Report: Industrial Mechanic Apprenticeship

Industrial mechanic apprenticeship

Maximilian, 24, reports on his training as an industrial maintenance mechanic:

The tasks of an industrial mechanic in our company are very diverse. It includes maintenance trades, as well as production trades such as test setups and fixtures. So you are the all-rounder in the industrial company. You work with hand tools as well as with drilling, grinding, turning and milling machines. Daily tasks include setting and adjustment work as well as lubrication work on aggregates. Not to forget: troubleshooting in the event of technical damage.

Particularly due to the size and versatility of the plants and individual systems, every day is always a new challenge. It is not uncommon for something to be damaged and a solution to the problem has to be found using existing materials, which often requires creative thinking and action. But not only the aforementioned activities occur, but also cleaning work. After lubrication, for example, it is essential to perform a follow-up inspection 24 hours later to ensure that no lubricant comes into contact with the threads. This would otherwise have a significant impact on the quality of the product. Thus, every task also has a high degree of responsibility that one must bear as an industrial mechanic.

And no matter what questions you have when carrying out the work, every employee or colleague from maintenance always has an open ear, an open door or even time and patience to explain everything to a trainee.