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Teijin presents its Holistic Approach to Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

28. March 2023 | News

 The Teijin Group will showcase a wide variety of sustainable composite products at JEC World 2023 which will take place from April 25 to 27 in Paris. In the company’s exhibit, located in Hall 6, Booth G28, Teijin will present its high-performance materials and composites technologies that can improve manufacturing cycle times, reduce environmental impact and improve consumer safety and comfort, depending on the application. Each innovation was developed in keeping with Teijin’s vision of, “Net zero is the goal. The solution is composite.”

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Also, Teijin representatives will gather for a presentation and Q&A session on 26 April 2023 14:00-14:55 at Agora 5 to give the JEC’s audience insights into how Teijin lives up to its promise to become net zero by 2050. In the session, called "The Teijin Group's Holistic Approach to Net-Zero CO2 Emissions”, Teijin will explore the group’s commitment focusing on energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction, use of renewable raw materials, closed loop products, and the development of a blockchain-based platform for enhancing the environmental value of recycled resources. The session will also delve into the company's use of life cycle assessment (LCA) to provide customers with reliable emissions data and share the importance of partnerships across the supply chain for accelerating sustainable initiatives.

JEC World 2023 is organized by the JEC Group, the world's largest composites industry organization with a network of 550,000 composite industry professionals around the world.