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Sustainability in the Skies with Teijin’s Aerospace Solutions

13. June 2023 | News

The increasing demand for aircrafts is putting pressure on manufacturers to improve productivity. As well as the need for faster turnover, aircraft manufacturers are now searching for ways to improve fuel efficiency through reducing weight to be in line with new environmental regulations. To meet such requirements, Teijin Carbon is devoted to the aerospace industry with light, strong and durable solutions with a combination approach of high-performance materials and manufacturing technologies. Teijin Carbon is leading the way by providing aircraft manufacturers with tailored solutions targeting specific needs.


High-performance components made from Teijin’s Tenax™ Carbon Fibers are revolutionizing the aerospace industry. Carbonfiber is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum when it is processed as composite, resulting in sleek aircraft with reduced drag that are built using fewer parts, which helps to reduce the long-term costs for operations and maintenance. Teijin Carbon is a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber and Tenax™ Carbon Fibers are used in a wide variety of aerospace applications, including commercial aircraft, military planes, helicopters, and UAVs. Teijin Carbon is also helping to develop the supersonic aircraft of tomorrow that will fly the world into the future.

For example, Teijin Carbon has made headway with carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (#CFRTP) composite before others, the technology is already airborne in primary structure parts for Airbus’s A350XWB aircraft. CFRTP consists of carbon fiber and high-performance engineering thermoplastic resin. Incredibly complex technology is required to advance the field, however as a leader in CFRTP technology, Teijin is using our vast product lineup to serve the needs of our customers.

Now, more than ever, the aerospace industry is unlocking new possibilities. With Teijin’s high performance CFRTP, our client-focused aerospace solutions can soar higher than ever. Delivering extra strength, lower weights and exceptional durability, our materials enable stronger, safer, more sustainable aerospace solutions, to make sure aircraft get to where they need to go safely – every time, without fail.

Teijin prides itself in constantly striving for excellence across a vast range of industries, which impact peoples’ everyday lives. When it comes to materials used in the aerospace industries, the stakes are high. In these extreme environments, delivering safe, sustainable solutions is non-negotiable – no ifs, no buts, no maybes. Solutions that push what is possible in a world which demands better: raising the bar for safety and placing an emphasis on #sustainability – enabling the aerospace industry on the whole to soar to new heights in our ever-changing world - with Teijin at the forefront of change.