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Teijin talks about sustainability at the JEC 2023

28. April 2023 | Blog

As this year, the topic of sustainability is traditionally one of the big issues of our time at JEC World. The reason is obvious: Composite materials such as carbon fibers are particularly lightweight while being highly stable. For sectors such as transport, aerospace and aviation, they make it possible to reduce energy requirements and thus also greenhouse gas emissions. 


Exciting and informative talks at our booth, groundbreaking presentations from the entire Teijin family and of course from numerous other speakers made this year's JEC World once again a great experience. We would like to thank all visitors and partners for their interest and support. Our Teijin booth featured Teijin Carbon (TCE, TCJ, TCA), Renegade (USA), Teijin Automotive Technolgies (Europe and USA), and Teijin Aramid. Over 100 Teijin colleagues from around the world traveled to meet new or potential customers or suppliers and learn what's new in the composites industry. 

Halls 5 and 6 in the Villepinte exhibition center in Paris were once again very well attended. The event was attended by more than 40,200 professionals (up from 33,000 in 2022) from over 106 countries. A total of 1200 exhibitors presented their products and technologies. We noticed the strong growth of JEC World especially on Tuesday evening for our booth party. Our customers and business partners use this opportunity every year to meet Teijin, but also other companies. With Asahi beer on offer, the Teijin booth party provides a casual setting for networking. It was really well attended - on and around our stand. Our party was a complete success.

Our trade fair appearance this year was under the motto: Sustainability. All participating Teijin companies deal with this topic. On the one hand, there are requirements from Teijin, but also from the legislator and from customers and markets.

Therefore, we used JEC World 2023 together to talk about our approach, plans and ideas: 
For this, Teijin Limited literally organized a stage: Teijin Limited, Teijin Carbon, Teijin Automotive Technologies, and Teijin Aramid participated in the panel discussion on "Sustainability in the Composites Industry: Teijin Group's Holistic Approach to Net-Zero Co2 Emissions." Interest in the Wednesday afternoon session was high, with every chair in the auditorium filled.
To keep the conversation focused on the important topic of sustainability at the booth, there were cubes on each table with key facts from the presentation. Also the small gifts to the customers should follow the green thought and so there were e.g. pencils with seed pods