Building innovation – Tenax™ carbon fibers from Teijin drive innovation in construction and design.

Carbon fiber is exceptionally versatile in the civil engineering field thanks to its high strength and flexibility. It can be used to restore existing structures of e.g. streets and bridges just as efficiently as it can be used to reinforce brand new ones.

Carbon fiber laminates are widely used to improve the mechanical properties of ceilings and columns, for example. A new and fast-growing option is restoration using grid structures that can be applied with sprayed concrete. Carbon fiber can also be used in new buildings reinforcement, and as an alternative to steel-reinforced prefabricated parts, not least for example thanks to its ability to resist damage from earthquakes.

Carbon concrete: As carbon fiber is a non-corroding material, concrete layers with carbon fiber can be much thinner, as there is no steel core that needs to be protected from corrosion. This dramatically reduces the quantity of concrete used in buildings, with side benefits like lower logistic costs and quicker construction and drying times.

Carbon fiber is also a driver of innovation. It can be used for shielding from electromagnetic interference and its conductivity can make it an integral part of intelligent buildings, conducting heat and energy, or even transmitting information about a building’s parameters.

Teijin is a leader in carbon fiber technology and we are looking forward to what the future will bring with this innovative material.

Reinforcing with carbon concrete

Together with the CARBOrefit® consortium, we continue to advance the topic of carbon concrete. Learn more about the approval, references and the consortium.