Tenax™ Thermoset Rapid Cure Prepregs

Tenax™ Thermoset Rapid Cure Prepregs, which were originally developed for aerospace secondary structures to replace conventional 180°C/2hrs cure systems and to give the customer significant advantages regarding emissions and processing costs, has the unique property of being fully cured after 20 minutes at 160°C with no post cure required. Similarly performing prepregs require longer cure cycles up to several hours followed by a freestanding post-cure to achieve suitable level of cross-linking. Tenax™ Rapid Cure Thermoset Prepregs are processable via press or autoclave and as well for tailored vacuum bag only curing. Teijin also offers an FST modified version for aerospace or rail/ transportation interiors with a total cure time of 15 minutes without post-cure and an automotive version with a total cycle time of below 5 minutes.

Your Benefits:

  • Excellent Hot/Wet properties
  • High Wet Tg
  • Designed for high rate production
  • Monolithic and Sandwich Parts
  • Low process costs compared to standard cure materials
  • No post cure required
  • Comparable shelf life to conventional epoxies
  • Excellent part quality

Typical Applications