Tenax™ ThermoPlastics are innovative materials, which when combined with rapid production processes allow for fast processing, low scrap rates, high mechanical performance, chemical resistance and recyclability.

Tenax™ ThermoPlastic Woven Fabric (TPWF)

Tenax™ TPWF is a woven fabric coated with a thermoplastic polymer. They are based on Tenax™ carbon fibers and high-temperature polymer matrix systems to provide superior mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

  • The material is available in 200 m rolls with a width of 1250 mm. The nominal ply thickness is 0,31mm 
  • The prepreg areal weight is 475g/m² 
  • This material is the core of our ThermoPlastic Consoldated Laminates (TPCL) 
  • Furthermore, TPWF can be used to create complex part designs with compression molding processes

Typical Applications