Tenax™ ThermoPlastics are innovative materials, which when combined with rapid production processes allow for fast processing, low scrap rates, high mechanical performance, chemical resistance and recyclability.

Tenax™ ThermoPlastic Consolidated Laminate (TPCL)

Tenax® TPCL are completely impregnated and consolidated sheets made of several layers of carbon woven fabric coated with thermoplastic polymer. They are based on Tenax™ carbon fibers and high-temperature polymer matrix systems to provide superior mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

We offer this material in a size of 800 mm to 1,200 mm with different stacking sequences and special surface layers, such as glass fabric for the prevention of corrosion or bronze mesh for lightning strike protection.

Production Process:
Tenax™ TPCL can be simply heated above its melting temperature and then stamped in a metallic mould within a press in a few minutes. Our material is suited for large-scale production of parts for high mechanical performance, such as structural components for aerospace. TPCL-brackets and TPCL-clips are used as structural connectors on the Airbus A350.

Benefits at a Glance

Our Product – Your Benefits

  • High-performance mechanical properties
  • Low flammability, smoke and toxicity
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Room temperature storage and shipping
  • Compliant with Health, Safety and Environment requirements
  • Recyclable

Your Process Benefits

  • Thermoformable (press forming)
  • Short cycle time
  • Large volume application
  • Automated process (pick and place)
  • Thermoplastic joining Technologies

Medical Applications

Tenax™-E TPCL PEEK-HTA40 is tested as non-cytotoxic according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5. There is no expected risk for patients when this material is reprocessed in medical devices if the contact with human skin, mucosa or damaged tissues does not exceed 24 hours.

Typical Applications