Tenax™ Prepreg comes in various forms, such as unidirectional, woven, and slit tape. For special applications thermoplastic prepreg is also available.

Prepreg is made by impregnating fibers, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, and aramid fiber, with uncured thermosetting resins (epoxy resins). This material can be found in many familiar products such as golf club shafts and fishing rods. It can also be found in cutting-edge ACMs (Advanced Composite Materials) for rockets and aircraft.  

Made in Japan

Product types

Product typesStandard shipping forms
Unidirectional100cm, 50cm-width sheetsRoll wound (100m)
Prepreg (UD)6-inch width (for ATL)Reel wound (200-300m)
 Narrow fabricsReel wound
Woven prepreg100cm widthRoll wound (100m)
Roving prepreg Bobbin wound

Applicable fibers

  • Carbon fibers : Tenax™ (e.g., HTA, IM, UM) 
  • Glass fibers, aramid fibers 
  • Others : SiC fibers, pitch-based carbon fibers 


  • Autoclave molding
  • Press molding
  • Vacuum molding
  • Inner pressure bag molding

Major Products

Tenax™ Prepreg
product number
112Epoxy130 °CGeneral use Sports/recreation, industry, aircraft parts, satellite
118Epoxy130 °CGeneral use  Sports/recreation, industry, aircraft parts, satellite
11EEpoxy130 °CGeneral use Sports/recreation, industry
171Epoxy98-180 °Ctooling prepregCFRP / GRFP die
144Epoxy120 °CSelf adhesive, flame retardantAircraft parts, railway cars
101Epoxy180 °CHeat resistantAircraft parts
132Epoxy180 °CHeat resistant, high elongationAircraft parts
133Epoxy180 °CHigh CAIAircraft parts
135Epoxy180 °CHeat resistant, self adhesiveAircraft parts
331Bismalamide180 °CHeat resistant, shock resistantAircraft parts
332Bismalamide180 °CHeat resistant, high CAIAircraft parts
301Bismalamide180-240 °CHighly heat resistantAutomobiles, Aircraft parts
304Bismalamide180-270 °CHighly heat resistantAutomobiles, Aircraft parts

Typical Applications