Tenax® Part via Preform is a new carbon fiber composite concept, combining one-step net-shape preforming with HP RTM injection.

Tenax® Part via Preform (PvP) is a highly efficient production technology for industrial volume CFRP parts, which is very cost competitive and therefore particularly suitable for automotive requirements. The process works by automated deposition of carbon fiber directly into near net-shape preforms. This reduces carbon fiber waste and intermediate processing to a minimum. High productivity random and aligned carbon fiber preforms can be combined for optimized cost and performance characteristics. The PvP parts are produced using high pressure (HP) and standard RTM Systems, together with modern Epoxy and Polyurethane thermosetting resins.

Part via Preform features:

Unique Net-shape Preforming utilizing new functional Tenax® carbon fibers

  • High efficiency Random Fiber Placement (RFP) for complex 3D geometries and isotropic mechanical properties
  • High performance Aligned Fiber Placement (AFP) for local reinforcement patches
  • Flexible preform combination to meet customer requirements in performance and costs

State-of-the-Art Resin Injection

  • Preforms can be processed at very low cycle times of less than 2 minutes to structural and visual components using HP RTM
  • Standard RTM is also possible

Visual Surface Capabilities

  • Conjunction of Resin Injection and Inmould Coating in one step
  • Reduction of painting efforts for high quality surfaces

Cost Reduction for Mass Production

  • Net-shape preforming for minimum carbon fiber waste rates
  • Reduced processing steps
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane resins for cycle times of less than 5 minutes
  • Modular robot cell production for easy scale-up and high rate of automation

Typical Applications