Tenax™ is a high-performance, high-quality carbon fiber. It is extremely strong, high in modulus elasticity and low in density.

Carbon fiber is an incredibly versatile material, with a virtually unlimited range of applications including car parts, golf club shafts and aircraft wings. Carbon fiber is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives.

Teijin has over 30 years of pioneering expertise in the manufacture of this advanced material. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer-oriented service and technology has given us a leading position in the European carbon fiber market.

Supplied as filament yarn and short fibers, Tenax™ is a high-tech material that is as cost-effective as it is strong, efficient and durable, in part thanks to our sophisticated mass production process. This also means that Tenax™ can be used in an ever-increasing range of applications.

Carbon fiber will undoubtedly play a leading role in the innovations of the future. As a pioneer in the industry, we will continue to develop, research and improve this material to find new ways in which to make the most of its unique potential.

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