Tenax™ Thermosets

Tenax™ Thermoset Prepregs are based on high-performance Tenax™ Carbon Fibers impregnated by several types of thermoset resin types. We are able to offer a broad range of thermoset polymers for low or high temperature applications. Our Tenax™ Thermoset Prepregs comes in various forms including unidirectional, woven or non-woven and these are available in different formats for conventional hand-lay application, automated tape laying and fiber placement. Besides our Carbon Fiber based prepregs we can offer aramid based prepregs with fibers from our sister company Teijin Aramid and all other fiber materials which are currently on the market.

Our Tenax™ Thermoset Prepregs are used in a wide range of applications from tailored high performance airframe materials to conventional products for golf shafts and fishing rods. Our state-of-the-art Tenax™ Prepregs are currently manufactured in Japan, USA and Vietnam.

Typical Applications