Teijin is committed to corporate social responsibility and strives to make a positive contribution to society, our customers and the world around us.

Activities as a Member of the Teijin Group

The Teijin Group has established a Group Global Environmental Charter and Global Environmental Action Targets, and is working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, including reductions in harmful substances, waste products and CO2. We are serious about coexisting harmoniously with the global environment and we strive towards achieving that goal through self-imposed responsibilities and through corporate activity such as the development and sale of new products and technologies. Safety is paramount and we are actively engaged in a variety of ESH (Environment, Safety, Health) programs in support of our corporate policy of respect for human beings.

Activities as a Corporation  

Teijin has given top priority to product safety and the preservation of the global environment. We aim to provide society with products and services that exist in harmony with the global environment. The entire company works towards reducing the environment impact of our business, working together with both global and local communities to help protect the environment and contribute to the development of society.  

Developing Together with Society's Trust  

In order to deepen our mutual understanding with local communities, Teijin is committed to remaining open to the communities where it operates, through active participation in local activities and regular interactive seminars on environmental and safety issues.

Our CSR Policy

  • To recognize the value of business strategy and CSR management as a driving force toward sustainable development of society.
  • To contribute to Teijin’s goal of achieving excellence as a global player, by obtaining and maintaining global recognition as "CSR champion".
  • To realize a "co-existence with the global environment" by actively promoting environmental management.
  • To help realize an improvement of "Quality of Life," by providing safe and reliable products and services.
  • To be recognized as a benchmark for basic CSR activities, such as compliance and risk management.
  • To build "Win-Win" relationships with stakeholders in and outside the Teijin Group with two-way dialogues and active involvement in their development, enhancing their satisfaction.