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Teijin Carbon Business Unit

Teijin is one of the world’s leading carbon fiber and carbon-fiber-based materials manufacturers with worldwide locations. The carbon fiber business is one of Teijin’s strategic fields for sustainable solutions.

In addition to carbon fiber, Teijin offers advanced material solutions including resins, prepregs, high-temperature resin, prepreg systems, new fibers, tailored sizings, and more. These solutions and innovations significantly reduce waste, lower costs, and increase the speed of production.

Teijin is a leading global company with locations and production facilities in Japan, Germany, the USA, and Vietnam and sales offices all over the world.


Our headquarter is located in the Kasumigaseki Common Gate Towers in central Tokyo. In the Chiyoda district, which is also home to the Imperial Palace, the National Parliament, the official residence of the Prime Minister and numerous other government facilities, the headquarters of Teijin Limited and other Teijin companies form our central administration. From here, the sales team serves the markets in Asia and Oceania.


Numerous carbon fiber production lines are in operation at our plant in Mishima, Japan. There is an annual capacity of 6400 tons of carbon fiber there alone, and Tenax™ prepreg is also produced there. Our precursor, which is used in all Teijin carbon fiber production lines worldwide, is also manufactured there. Ibigawa is our plant in Japan for the production of Pyromex™ as well as carbon components.

Teijin Carbon Vietnam Co is based in Ha Nam. Vietnam started commercial operation in 2021 and produces carbon fiber products including prepreg.


Teijin Carbon Europe's headquarters for servicing the European market is located in Wuppertal. About 90 employees work there in Marketing & Sales and Development & Laboratory. The German plant for Tenax™ Carbon Fibers, Tenax™ ThermoPlastics and Tenax™ Dry Reinforcements is located in Heinsberg. Carbon fibers are manufactured there on four large production lines with an annual capacity of 5100 tons. In addition to production, quality assurance and administration are also located there. Around 400 people are employed at the plant.


Greenwood SC is the head office of Teijin Carbon America, Inc. as well as the production site in the US for Tenax™ Carbon Fibers. The carbon fibers are produced on the world’s largest carbon fiber line with an annual capacity of 3000 tons per year.  Around 170 people are employed by Teijin Carbon America in TN and SC.

Rockwood, TN is the American production site for Pyromex™ and Tenax™ short fibers. The customer service center for the Americas is located here.